Week Three of London Marathon Training Complete!

How does it go?  Neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail…blah blah blah…the mailman always comes.  As a runner training for a Spring marathon living in New England, I feel like the mailman.  Neither snow, nor rain, nor  hail, nor wind will keep me from doing my long run outside.  Treadmill for a long run, NO WAY!  That is just downright painful.  Total hamster in a wheel.

I dodged the snowstorm on Saturday and pushed my long run till Sunday.  But still 17 degree, 10 degrees with the windchill.  I can’t complain, this is the first tough long run I have had so far, granted it is only week 3 of training.  But I will not complain because I had a few short sleeve runs in December and on New Years Day.

But I have to wonder, am I the only one whose legs get sooo freakin’ cold?  I saw two runners today in shorts.  Long sleeve jackets and shorts.  If anything, I feel my upper body gets much warmer than my lower body.  In fact, I was wondering if I should have worn a pair of running tights under my heavy, insulated running pants today.

On day’s like today it takes me 2 miles to get loose, then I get about 3-4 miles of comfortable running before the cold sets in.  Once my legs get cold, my muscles tighten and my pace slows.  How do these people wear shorts???

Anyway, my post run beverage of choice was hot chocolate.  So good and so warm!  The perfect ending to my 10 mile run.

Week Four of training includes Pilates SPX, hill workout, marathon pace short run, spin class and a 12 mile long run.

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  1. One thing I learned early on running outdoors in bthe winter, always run into the wind on the start of your run. You do not want to turn around to come home and find the wind chill 12 degrees colder.

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