Running and Peer Pressure

Marathons are like potato chips or beer.  Once you have one, you can’t stop.  If you have never run a marathon you probably don’t get what I am saying.  If you have run one, you totally get it.

As soon as I saw the finish line in my first marathon, I knew I wanted more.  Once your start running marathons, it is very hard to stop.  The training is time-consuming and you spend a small fortune on gear.  Oh the gear, that gets addicting too.  It starts with a good pair of sneakers, then some good shorts, then some warm winter wear and then the next thing you know your closest has enough running jackets to accommodate an entire high school cross-country team.  My running gear addiction probably requires its own post.  Let’s just say I have a jacket for every marathon I have run.

So back to peer pressure and running.  I was thinking it would be nice to take this Fall off from marathoning.  Maybe kick back, run a few half marathons.  I have run Fall marathons the last three years so basically my last three summers have been dedicated to long runs.  Humidity and long runs are an unpleasant combination.  Plus I get a farmers tan from running in the summer months.  I am not a fan of that although I do consider it a runner’s badge.

I was pretty set in my decision until about two weeks ago when a few running buddies decided to include me in their tweet-fest about the NYC Marathon.  Three friends in the lottery.  Oh so tempting but I did not give in.  I stood my ground.  Then in a harmless Facebook post about a race in Kauai, NYC came up again.  Another friend in the lottery.  What do to, what to do????

NYC is my absolute favorite marathon.  It is my homeland.  It is a place where I can where my Buckner race shirt with pride (this also is worthy of another post).  Do I go into the lottery or not?  Will I cave to peer pressure? I have been peer pressured into races before and I have to say it has always led to lots of fun.  So running peer pressure is not necessarily a bad thing.

Stay tuned to see what I decide.

Week four of training for London is complete!

Thanks for following me.



  1. Answer: yes / enter.

    Personally, I never much liked NY because there were too many people and you had to watch out for where you ran / stepped. I liked marathons a little less crowded.

    I always wanted to run London and Honolulu. You are living the first dream. Good luck.

    1. Hey John,

      If you’re looking for a quiet 26.2, probably best to steer clear of London. Though it’s a beautiful run if you like to soak up the atmosphere and some amazing sights.


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