What Inspires Me

I am sitting here only a few hours away from the start of Super Bowl XLVI and I can’t stop thinking about the Giants player Mark Herzlich.  Granted I am a Giants fan and Mark and I share the same alma mater, Boston College, so I am biased.  But it is such an inspiring story that makes me feel so empowered.  It makes me feel like I can do anything I want to do so long as I want it bad enough.

I have many inspirations for my running….others runners, my generous fundraising supporters, and all the people who say runners are crazy or marathons are dumb.  Yep, they all motivated me to lace up and hit the road.

But my original inspiration is my friend Tracey who battled cancer relentlessly for eight years.  Her courage and unbreakable spirit has carried me through many, many miles.  No matter how tough things got for her, she always smiled.  I never would have started running if it was for Tracey.  She fought so hard it motivated me to work harder and be a better person.

But, honestly, sometimes the relentless courage I see in Tracey, Mark and other cancer survivors makes me feel weak.  I have weekends where the hardest thing I have to do is my long run.  I ran 13 miles yesterday and that was the hardest thing I did the weekend by far!!  And I was exhausted from it!!!!  Recovery required a nap, a bath and ice cream.  Yes, running 13 miles requires some level of fitness and energy but I bet compared to chemo it is must be a walk in the park.  I admit that sometimes on my long runs I selfishly steal their courage and strength to help me get through the last few miles.  Those miles are hard but there are things in life that are much harder.

I think that is why I am in awe of cancer survivors and patients.  To battle day in and day out like that is hard to conceptualize.  What they fight through makes running a marathon seem easy.   It makes my life seem so easy.

I sometimes wonder if it was me, would I have the strength?


Thanks for following…Dawn

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  1. I have had cancer. Specifically, I have had prostate cancer and had my prostate removed. I have also had multiple melanomas and had them removed. I am (so far) a cancer survivor. But I am by no means a hero.

    When you find out you have cancer, you do what can can to get better. You “keep on, keeping on.” What else can you do? If you are diligent, they find it early and can treat it.

    To me, the real heros are all the people who have given money to fight cancer and all the other diseases. And the real heros are the doctors and nurses who have saved my life on multiple occasions.

    I thank God for all the blessings I have had from so many people. They deserve the praise and credit.

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