When A Course Map Gives You Chills

I decided to do some research this weekend on my next 26.2.  I do have a tendency to sign up for marathons on whims without doing a lot of research.  Granted I heard a lot of good things about London so committing was not much of a gamble. But anyway, with a mere two months and nine days to go it was time to learn about the course I will run.

I have to say, the London Marathon website has a much different feel than other websites.  First, you can feel the charity vibe immediately.  I am so glad I decided to run for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This will be my fourth marathon running for a charity and this is the first website that made me feel like a wanted charity runner.  Not that the other marathons I ran for charity made me feel unwanted.  That was not the case at all.  It is just that London is ALL about charity.  It is the world’s largest fundraiser!!

But what gave me chills was the detailed interactive course map!  I loved it. It was a great preview of the 26.2 mile foot tour I will get on April 22.  It was nice to see the landmarks I will pass, especially Tower Bridge.  I also appreciate that they pointed out all the pubs too :).  But seriously, I just thought it was a lot of fun to play around with the interactive map.  It made the marathon feel real and gave me a good idea of what parts of the course will be crowded, what parts will be packed with fans, what parts will be quiet and where to find my aid stations.

I know I am not doing a good job explaining it here, but there is something about a course map that makes you feel like you are already at the start line.  A good course map gets you motivated and all excited about the big day.  It makes you want to run NOW!!  So nice job London Marathon on building a great on-line course map.

And, yes, I am in the lottery for the 2012 NYC Marathon!!!  Fingers crossed!

Thanks for following….Dawn

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