Am I a lazy marathoner?

I feel like I spend most weekends doing long runs and, for the most part, I look forward to them. Occassionally, I dread them.  But it is 100% guaranteed I look forward to spending the rest of my weeked sitting on my couch cleaning out my DVR after my long run.

The thing is, I feel totally justified sitting on my butt and utilizing only the muscles in my fingers to work the remote.  I do not in any way feel obligated to do anything.  Not laundry, not errands and certainly not cleaning.  I can’t lie, I have days I look forward to my long run only to reap the reward of sitting on my couch.

But, I have to say, it is an awkward feeling.  I feel like I go between the two extremes of being incredibly active or digustingly lazy.  I feel like I am either in forward motion or completely sedentary.  It is like all or nothing.  It is almost as if I have no balance.  I cannot work out in moderation and I cannot relax in moderation.

So it has gotten me to thinking….am I a lazy marathoner?

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