Why I Love To Run Reason #8: The Reaction

The #8 reason why I love to run is “The Reaction”.  Not very self-explanatory so I will explain by example.

I love the reaction I get from people (mostly non-runners) when they ask me what I did this weekend and I say “I ran 20 miles.”  Or people ask, “What did you do on your vacation?” and I say, “I ran a marathon.”

I just love the initial reaction when they don’t know how to respond.  There is that silence while they are trying to process the conversation, which in their mind just took an unforeseen turn.  Meanwhile in my mind,  I just don’t know why they are so confused.  Afterall, I am just telling them what I did.

I really didn’t appreciate “The Reaction” until a co-worker called me out on the very casual manner in which I announced that my weekend plans included a 20 miler.  His initial reaction was “OK, have fun”.  But then he doubled back to my office to say, “I just want you to know that when someone asks you what’s up for the weekend, saying you are running 20 miles is not a normal response.”  He was right but I was just being honest.

My favorite is when I tell people I went to China on vacation.  They ask, “What made you decide to go to China?”  My response, “I ran a race on the Great Wall of China.”

Although, I admit, once people get to know you “The Reaction” wears off.  For instance, someone asked my what I was doing for St. Patty’s Day and I said, “Running a 5k.” And the response was, “Of course you are.”  That reaction was a bit of a let down for me.

So for #8 to continue to be a top 10, I just need to keep meeting new people.

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