Why I Love To Run Reason #3: The Lifestyle

By lifestyle, I mean a lot of things.  I love the people I have met, I love getting to be outdoors, I love being in shape and I love running races.  I would throw all those things into the lifestyle bucket.  But the one thing that stands out the most with this one has to be my running vacations.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to go on a few running vacations.  I have run races in China, Dublin, Athens, Bordeaux, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Iceland, Philadelphia, Florida, Vegas, Vermont to name a few, and I am on my way to London very soon.  Being able to travel and run has been a great experience that has taken me to places I otherwise would have never gone.  I honestly think one of the best ways to see explore a new place is to run.

My favorite running vacation was Bordeaux where I ran the Medoc Marathon.  By far the craziest marathon I have ever run.  26.2 miles with 22 wine stops.  It was also one of the more scenic races I have ever run and definitely the most entertaining.  Being able to go for a run through the Chateaus of Bordeaux is an amazing experience within itself.  But to do a full 26.2 on a course that served ice cream at mile 24 and had a party at every Chateau was quite an experience.

Now I do not normally advocate drinking while running but being able to sip a little wine along my run was quite delightful.   At first glance, one might peg this race as a potential recruiting event for AA.  Can you imagine AA being at the expo???  But, once I got past the whole “I can’t believe I am running a race with wine stops” shock, I actually felt doing the race put me in an elite crowd.  Think about it, anyone can go to Bordeaux and taste wines.  But  how many people can run a marathon while tasting wines.  As corny as it sounds, 26.2 is 26.2 and you need to be in shape to do it.  Running this race gave me the opportunity to experience Bordeaux in a unique way that most people will never have the opportunity to do.

If I wasn’t a runner and didn’t run marathons I would never have had this opportunity. So I am thankful that running has given me all these wonderful and truly unique experiences.  I am thankful for  my running lifestyle so it is #3 on my list.

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