Why I Love To Run Reason #1: It Is Fun

This reason is probably the simplest but it is probably the hardest one for a non-runner to understand. People either like to run or they don’t. If you don’t, you definitely do not understand how it can be fun. But for a runner this reason is probably somewhat lame as it clearly was encompassed in Reasons 2-10.

There are so many things that make running fun for me so I will try to summarize a few.

1. Running after work (where I sit at a desk all day) reminds of playing after school when I was a child. I like that sense of freedom. I run without my phone so it is probably the only part of my day when I am “disconnected”.

2. Meeting up with a group of friends for a run. And then getting a beer afterwards. I love that running has become a social activity for me.

3. Encouraging others to run. In June I will be running a race in my hometown with my mom and brother. It will be their first race.

4. Running in the sun. It just feels so good to be outside in the warmth…so long as it is not 90 degrees out.

5. Being able to combine fundraising and running. Doing a little fundraising for a 26.2 makes it a bit more special.

So there you go. My number one reason why I love to run is FUN! I am off to London for the marathon. Wish me luck.



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