My Homage to National Runner’s Day

Running has been such a magical experience for me.  It is really hard to summarize the profound impact it has had on my life.  It has introduced me to so many amazing people and taken me on some adventurous journeys.  But it has also taught me a lot about myself and has challenged me to push myself just a bit further when I thought I have nothing left.  I discovered I was stronger than I thought both physically and mentally. It has made me become a more complete person in so many ways.

My path to running was a winding one but often life takes the scenic route. I run because of my friend Tracey.  Not because she ran, in fact, she was not a runner at all.  I run because she died so courageously from an ugly disease that I was inspired by her to do something courageous.

The courageous, Tracey-inspired me signed up to run the 2005 Dublin Marathon and committed to fundraise $4,000 for Team in Training.   Seven years later I am still running.  Nine marathons done and the tenth on the way.  I have also raised almost $15,000 for charity.

I am fairly confident that Tracey never imagined she would have impacted my life in this way.  I do not think that ever in her wildest dreams she thought she would inspire me to run. But life has so many mysteries and I consider myself lucky to have at least figured out a piece of that mystery.

The mystery?  Here it is….we have the unique ability to inspire others every day, even after we pass away. What is so great and mysterious about life is that our impact on others may never be entirely known to us.

Thanks for following.





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