The Magic of Marathons

It is hard to explain to someone why you run marathons.  The training schedule is grueling, your feet get banged up and you always have aches and pains.  From the outside, a marathon just seems like torture.

But for those of you who have run one, you totally get it.  Marathons are very empowering.  Every time I have run a marathon I have come away with not only a huge sense of accomplishment but also the feeling that anything is possible.  I get this “the world is my oyster” attitude.  I am sure I have had some co-workers who have not appreciated this new ‘tude.  But generally, I think it is a good thing.

It generally starts as my miles climb during training.  The more miles I run, the more confident I become.  As I get closer to race day, tasks that I deemed insurmountable become very achievable to me.  Things that stressed me out are no longer problematic.  I really get this feeling that there is nothing I cannot achieve.

It is such an amazing feeling and I know it is one of the reasons I can’t stop running marathons.  I do not know of anything that can replicate this feeling. I am sure many athletes feel this way about their sport.  Since running is my only sport I am going to keep doing it.  I am going to embrace the magic of the marathon for as long as my body will allow me to.

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  1. Dawn, you are making me want to run a marathon!!!! I so agree! I am trying to stick with halfs this year but so tempted to “charity” my way into NYC!

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