Week #3: NYC Marathon – The Starting Line

So this will be my second post about the NYC Marathon that highlights the course before the race even begins. As I have run the race twice before I am selecting areas that I think are unique compared to other marathons. Plus my memory past mile 18 gets a bit sketchy. I am convinced around mile 22 of the Boston Marathon I saw a unicorn! So you see why we are better off with me discussing earlier parts of the race.

So this post focuses on the march up to the Verrazano-Narrows bridge to the starting line. It is memorable to me because it is where my nerves really get fired up. It is like that point of not return. You listen carefully to the announcements, which run in multiple languages, and you get in your coral. But once those coral gates close you know it is for real. The march up to the bridge is unique because most races you coral up where you start. The march up makes you feel important, it reminds me of the Olympic athletes marching in at the Opening Ceremony.

Once you get on the bridge and you see the start line it becomes very real. The day you have been training for has come. I am not going to sugar coat this, when you get on the bridge it will be windy and it will be chilly. On the up side this is generally the windiest and coldest part of the course. But usually I am wishing I kept some of my throw away clothes on. But don’t worry, as soon as the gun goes off all is forgotten. Did I say gun? Sorry, my bad, this is NYC, everything is larger than life. They don’t fire off a gun, they fire off a cannon! Yup, they use the cannons from Fort Wadsworth as
starting guns. These cannons are loud and they will rock your bones!! If you are cold or sleepy from your three hour wait at the start, don’t worry the cannons will shoot adrenaline right into your veins.

Are you wondering about start line music? Well, this is New York. The cannon goes off and Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York is blasting. Not your typical running music but it is very fitting and will get you out to a good start.

How did my training go this week? Pretty good. For my distance I ran the San Francisco Half. It’s a great course that includes the Golden Gate Bridge. I highly recommend it. I ran well and I was thrilled to be out of the heat and humidity of the Northeast.

Thanks for following.


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