Week #7: NYC “Bag-less” Marathon – 13.1, Half Way There

So much drama in the marathon world over the past week!  I am still dumbfounded in respect to NYRR’s decision to eliminate the bag check for the NYC Marathon.  I always held NYRR in high regard but now I am not too sure.  They totally pulled a bait and switch on this years runners.  This decision should have been announced prior to the lottery and prior to paying a steep race entry fee, in my opinion.  Not cool NYRR!!!!

I am also perplexed by their decision to wait to announce the addition of a fourth wave until AFTER you have signed up for a bus/ferry time.  It would be helpful to  know your start time prior to picking a bus/ferry departure time.  I have to admit I am not sure what is going on with NYRR this year.

Anyway, enough about that.  This week I am highlighting the half way mark, mile 13.1.  I know this is a special marker in every marathon but NYC is a bit extra special because of the view.  You need to remember to look to your left when you pass by mile 13.1.  You will be on the Pulaski Bridge.  At the halfway mark you get to take in the sweet view of the Manhattan skyline and the Empire State Building.

This will be your first glimpse of Manhattan, which is now less than four miles away.  The view is pretty cool and it will give you an extra boost as the excitement of Manhattan feels so close.  Just a quick three miles to the Queens Borough Bridge, a short mile over the bridge and you will be in the borough of Manhattan.  Another cool thing about mile 13.1 is that you have officially left Brooklyn and are now in Queens.  Three boroughs down, two to go.

I am definitely starting to feel the intensity of my training pick up.  I ran 16 miles for distance this week and 28 miles in total for the week.  I also did some strength training and took a spin class.  It was a good week, my legs had some pop.  As far as marathon training goes, I am now past the point of no return and my 20 milers are just around the corner.  You know you are knee-deep in marathon training when you are looking for a half marathon to run on a down week.

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