Week #8: NYC Marathon – Queens

Queens!  You spend a mere two miles of the NYC Marathon running through Queens.  But if I could give out a “Most Improved” award, I would give it to Queens.  At least when comparing the crowds from 2007 to 2009.  In 2007 there were a few sparse spectators but in 2009 the sidelines in Queens got crowded and loud!  Not quite Brooklyn loud, but loud nonetheless.

For me, Queens is generally when I get to see the first of my personal cheering crowd.  So that is exciting and a big pick-me-up.  When I am about to see my friends and family I always try to look smooth.  If you are a runner, you totally know what I mean.  You pick up your pace a little, straighten up a bit and look like you are totally running relaxed, like this marathon is no big deal.  I don’t know why I do this, I am fooling no one.  I do the same thing when I see the camera people.  There have been a few times when I have not spotted the cameras but they spotted me.  Ugh, those pictures are the truthful ones.  I have one from the Boston Marathon where I am actually grimacing.  I didn’t even know my face muscles knew how to grimace.

Anyway, back to Queens.   Queens is a pleasant stretch that is pretty flat and now with the increased fan support you can run this borough nice and easy.  Maybe even give the camera person a real smile.  To be honest though, since the run through Queens is so short, I can’t help but get focused on the Queensboro Bridge; my gateway to Manhattan.  When I hit Queens I know I am getting close to my favorite borough.

This was an excellent training week for me.  My 18 mile long run was my best yet.  I ran at marathon pace, with ease, for the middle four miles, which was nice.  I am definitely reaping the benefits of cooler weather.  I actually delayed my long run till Sunday to take advantage of cooler weather.  So on Saturday I ran 4 miles and took a 45 minute spin class.  I doubled up because I refused to get the four miler in on Friday when it was 90 degrees.  I am just done with the heat.  So I was surprised that the 18 miles came so easily on Sunday.  Maybe I am in better shape than I thought.  That would be really nice.

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