Week #11: NYC Marathon – The Bronx

Just past mile 19 you cross over the Harlem river via the Willis Avenue Bridge and find yourself in your fifth borough…the Bronx. The Bronx is a fast one mile, well, as fast as mile 21 can be. This mile has quite a few turns so as a runner you will be very engaged with the course.

Regardless, NYRR goes out of its way to provide some entertainment in the Bronx. There will be some music and, if we are lucky this year, we will get a giant video screen. I had one in 2007 and 2009. The giant video screen is awesome. The screen projects the race which is pretty cool experience. It will give you a great chance to not only see yourself in the race but get a feel for what the race looks like around you. The mistake I made in 2007 was that I thought the video was a live feed to TV. So I wasted some valuable energy waving frantically at the screen only to find out later the only person I was waving to was myself. Rookie mistake. In 2009 I just enjoyed the view.

Like I said, your tour through the Bronx is only a mile. Before you know it you will be crossing the Madison Avenue Bridge back over the Harlem River where you will land in Manhattan for the home stretch. When you exit the Bronx you will be at mile 21 and will have touched all five boroughs. It just a short five-mile jog to the finish.

Training this week was not so good. I bailed on my long run as I started having some pain in my hip flexor. I know missing one long run is not the end of the world but it still stings. But the good news is that I feel much better now and I have been reminded of the need to stretch diligently!

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