Week #12: NYC Marathon – CPK or Bust!

I am seriously at that point in marathon training where I just want the marathon to happen so I don’t have to train anymore. I get like this around this time of training.  I just want to sleep in on Saturdays, eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, watch the VH1 Top 20 Countdown while dozing off during the boring videos, the interviews and the commercials.  In less than six weeks I will be able to do that.  I am marking my calendar.

November 10th: Sleep in, eat chocolate chip pancakes and watch VH1 Top 20 Countdown while dozing off during the boring videos, interviews and commercials.  Showering and/or changing out of my pajamas is optional. Having contact with the outside world is not advised due to possible poor hygiene.

CPK is short for Central Park.  Once you head over the final bridge and re-emerge in Manhattan it is all about getting to CPK! For me, re-emerging in Manhattan is the equivalent of that first turn you take in the Boston Marathon, you know, that right hand turn on to Commonwealth Avenue where the Newton Hills start.  It marks the last stretch for me or the beginning of the end, to be more poetic. However, much like the famous right hand turn in Boston, standing between you and the NYC finish is the infamous Mile 23 (or Heartbreak Hill in Boston).

If you look at the elevation chart, you will see Mile 23 is all uphill. What evil race director put a one mile hill at mile 23?!  Probably the same one who put the finish line on top of a hill. Relax, Mile 23 is probably the most over-rated hill.  Honestly, I have never met a mile 23 in any marathon that I liked. Uphill, downhill, flat…it all hurts at mile 23.    I focused way to much on Mile 23 my first time around and it really got inside my head. My advice is to ignore the elevation chart and just focus on getting into CPK.

When I was around Mile 23 in 2009 a spectator, who I believe to be a father of a runner, came out on the course and told the runner (probably his daughter) “You look great, it is just like a 5k race from here.”  She did not respond to him and I don’t blame her.  No part of a marathon is ever like a 5k, especially not the last 5k!  I put that phrase, as supportive as it was intended to be, on my list of things not to say to a marathoner…EVER!!!

Training went much better this week.  I completed my first 20 miler on Saturday and I ate chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday. Just preparing for November 10th as much as I am preparing for November 4th!  I am not running anywhere near my marathon goal pace in my long runs so 4:30 may be a stretch.  I am not giving up though.

Thanks for following.


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