10 Signs You Are About To Run A Marathon

10. You are bored because your workouts are so short.

9.  Your diet is bland but you can still justify a glass of wine or a beer or a piece of cake because you will work it off in a few days.

8. You become a hypochondriac and are convinced every ache in your body is a marathon threatening injury.

7. You smell of some sort pain reliever, Icy Hot, BioFreeze, Tiger Balm, BenGay, mostly because of #8.

6. Your productivity at work declines mostly caused by #2, but also by #8.

5. You are all caught up on our laundry because even though you have been training for four months you have no idea what you will wear on race day.

4. When someone around you sneezes or coughs, you yell incoming and take cover.

3. Your bedroom looks like this because packing for a marathon is as hard as training for it.

2..  Your web browser history looks like this.




1.  You are starting to think about your next marathon.

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