Going Out of My Comfort Zone…and Loving it!

So I did my first podcast! I was a guest on Candy O’Terry’s podcast The Story Behind Her Success. Totally took me out of my comfort zone but once I got talking, I loved it! I guess I like to talk about myself as much as I like to write about myself. We spoke about MS and running, both of which are a big part of my life and essentially the subjects of my blog.  

You can listen to the full podcast here:  The Story Behind Her Success

I have two takeaways from this experience:

  1. While it was such a great honor to be on Candy O’Terry’s The Story Behind Her Success, but I won’t be declaring success until I cross the finish line of the 2019 Dublin Marathon.
  2. Going out of your comfort zone can be an empowering experience. Take risks, challenge yourself, expand you boundaries and you won’t be disappointed.

Follow my journey as I #OutRunMS

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