About The Founder

About me? Where to start? Well I am a runner, not professionally or anything, but I do compete pretty intensely with myself, and others in my gender and age group. I started running “competitively” in 2005, with my first race being the Dublin Marathon. Yup, I went big for my first race. I ran for the Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Team in Training and in memory of my college roommate.

I fell in love with running. I ran another 14 marathons, completed the World Majors, took on a few dozen half marathons, and got addicted to the local 5ks.

Oh yea, and I have Multiple Sclerosis, I was diagnosed in 1999. MS was not part of my early running story, the disease played no role in my running. But this changed in 2015 as I was celebrating my 10 year anniversary of my first marathon. I began to get drop foot while running and was forced to step back from marathons after the 2016 Boston Marathon.

Fast forward to now. It’s time for the comeback. Armed (or I guess legged?) with a carbon fiber AFO, I am re-learning to run and preparing to return to distance running.

Goal: Celebrate my 20 year anniversary of being diagnosed with MS by running the 2019 Dublin Marathon.