Board of Directors

Our mission at In My Running Shoes is to empower people with chronic diseases to be active, maintain control of their lives, and proactively manage their diseases. Just because our name suggests we like running, it doesn’t mean as a Board we do not enjoy other physical activities. This Board is all about physical activity whether it be biking, hiking, swimming, strength training, walking, chasing kids – we do it all. Sometimes we do it for fun, but we are known to take on a marathon or triathlon from time to time to quench our competitive thirst.

Dawn Schottlandt – President, Clerk, and Director

Why did you join the In My Running Shoes Board? To help others with chronic diseases find the means and motivation to stay active. I like to run, but I don’t care if people walk, run, bike, swim, or kayak; I just want people to MOVE!
Favorite type of shoes? Running shoes, of course!
Favorite Workout: Running, most days, but sometimes strength training. I also like recovery days. Those are workouts too, right?
Favorite Food: Ice cream and wine…sometimes together!
Why do you workout? To eat and drink answer #3. Also to help manage my MS symptoms.
Favorite Race: Too many to choose from but probably Medoc Marathon. There was wine on the course.
Three words to describe yourself: Driven, witty, sometimes irrational but in a good way

Jennifer Bowes-McCann – Vice President, Treasurer, and Director

Why did you join the In My Running Shoes Board? I am so inspired by Dawn’s mission and feel privileged to have a chance to be involved with it. The message of the charity is so motivating with Dawn being the chief source of that motivation. It is a special person who can take her own chronic illness and have her life serve as an inspiration for others. 
Favorite type of shoes? My Rothy flats.  
Favorite Workout:  Yoga and, most recently, going on runs with my daughter.
Favorite Food: Wine and tacos but not together.  
Why do you workout? To allow me to stay active and focused.  
Favorite Race: Ras Na Heirann 5k in Mass. It was my first run with lots of support from Dawn.  
Three words to describe yourself: Organized, logical and dedicated. 

Sarah Bui – Director

Why did you join the In My Running Shoes Board? As a Prosthetist Orthotist; nothing brings me more joy than to see my clients break boundaries and defy their own expectations and that of their loved ones. Working with Dawn has been such a purposeful and amazing journey; it just didn’t make sense to stop!! 
Favorite type of shoes? Sneakers…and the occasional Siletto
Favorite Workout: Boxing 1-6-3-2!!
Favorite Food: Mangosteen 
Why do you workout? For continual confirmation of strength and personal growth: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically
Favorite Race: Boston Marathon; experiencing and witnessing the victims that survived who channeled their pain into power was momentous for me. As a prosthetic resident, I mourned for their loss; I knew their lives would never be the same again. While I was ‘busy’ mourning; they were busy securing their prostheses, learning how to stand, walk and run again. I did not realize the fight that they had deep within. The fight I see in our organization’s President when she decided chronic disease would not stop her from achieving. When I hear the word marathon; the first one that comes to mind is the one in which I get to echo #BostonStrong.  
Three words to describe yourself: Compassionate, Motivating and Spontaneous 

Cheri Fraser – Director

Why did you join the In My Running Shoes Board? Five years ago I was paired with a little girl with Spina Bifida though the IRUN4 program. I have learned so much about how hard it is for families to get any type of assisted device covered by insurance. I feel very strongly that being active makes each individual feel part of a community and helps them with their confidence and overall well-being. If I can do anything to help someone else achieve that – then I’m all in.
Favorite type of shoes?
  Outrageous sneakers or fabulous heels
Favorite Workout:
 Mid-distance long run, on the ocean
Favorite Food: 
Chocolate Cake with vanilla frosting and red flowers (you know they taste different)
Why do you workout
To keep my body strong, my mind calm and to meet amazingly positive people
Favorite Race:
 The Marine Corps Marathon. As a military daughter and sister, the celebration of patriotism and honoring the sacrifice of the military is very important to me. Getting your finisher medal from a Marine in dress uniform, saluting you in front of the Iwo Jima statue is an unforgettable experience.
Three words to describe yourself: 
Energetic, Engaging and Effervescent

Kathleen Airhart – Director