In My Running Shoes was born in 2019 with the goal of helping “tweeners” with chronic diseases live active lifestyles.

What’s a tweener?

By definition a tweener is a person or thing considered to be in between two other recognized categories or types.

At In My Running Shoes we define tweeners as someone with a chronic disease who wants to be active but needs support that is not provided through typical healthcare channels.

A lot of us with chronic diseases are tweeners – not sick enough to qualify for a lot of medical benefits or help, yet healthy enough to contribute to society, work our jobs, pay our bills despite feeling the undertow of our illness. Lots of us wind up stuck somewhere in the middle – sort of lost in the system.

Who is In My Running Shoes?

In My Running Shoes is a 501(c)3 approved charity with the sole purpose of helping people with chronic diseases live their best lives and fill the gaps where there is no support from health insurance and advocacy groups. We write grants to help people which chronic diseases who are determined to stay active but may need a little financial support to help access the equipment, training or rehab they may need. Essentially we help tweeners!

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Is running a requirement?

Absolutely not!

Some of us at In My Running Shoes love to run while others totally despise running. We are definitely a house divided when it comes to running! Rest assured we are 100% aligned on being active – whether it is walking, biking, yoga, hiking, strength training, karate, swimming, or anything else that keeps you moving.

Interested in applying for a financial grant?

Apply here and let us know how a financial grant can help you stay active while battling a chronic disease. We can support medical/athletic equipment, rehabilitation services, training, and other items that will help you stay active.

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Interested in donating?

Just click here, we always appreciate the support!

In My Running Shoes is a 501(c)3 registered tax-exempted non-profit corporation.

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